O2 Connect: Making calls and texts simple

Published: 02/11/2011

O2-connectYou won’t have heard of O2 Connect, but in the not too distant future, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. It’s a revolutionary new service which you can use to make a call anywhere: all you need is an internet connection, and it’s headed your way. Read on for our O2 Connect FAQ and find out everything you need to know.

What is O2 Connect?
Ever heard of VoIP? It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it simply means making calls using an internet connection rather than a traditional mobile phone network, like how Skype works on computers.

O2 Connect works in just the same way, but on your mobile. On a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone, it simply routes calls and texts to any UK landline or mobile number through the office or home network you’re connected to – handy if you’re buried deep inside a building with weak reception.

Why does it matter?
Nothing is more important than getting through to your friends and family when you need them most, and sometimes a wired internet connection shared by a router can provide a better signal, particularly in built-up areas or a basement. With O2 Connect, you don’t have to worry about the distinction – you just dial.

What can I use it on?
Got an Android smartphone or an iPhone? You’re in luck: O2 Connect apps for both platforms will be provided initially, with support for other devices further along the line. Of course, you’ll need to have the Wi-Fi active and connected for you to use it.

When is it going mainstream?
At the moment, access to O2 Connect is by invitation only, but it won’t be for long. Richard Porter, our head of consumer mobile products, is anticipating a roll-out next year.

“This trial will allow us to explore the potential of delivering VoIP services to customers. We hope to launch O2 Connect as a commercial service in 2012,” he explains.

Who’s behind it?
That’ll be the clever folks at O2 Labs. They’re the forward thinking brains who come up with all sorts of handy software services – other greatest hits include Social Call, which lets you ring your Facebook mates via an Android an iPhone app, and Hashblue, which lets you store and manage your SMS messages in a web browser.

Image via o2de

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