O2 Recycle: 2 million and counting...

By Geoff Prowling, Head of Public Sector Operations, Telefónica UK

Million milestones don’t come often. Which is why we’re pleased to announce that we’ve just passed the 2 million recycled devices landmark.

It’s a proud moment for us, and I think we’ve come a long way since launching our O2 Recycle programme. A recent report by the Green Alliance shows that our work has saved ten thousand tonnes of CO2 and 26 million litres of water in the past four years.

O2 Recycle for Business

Launched in 2012, our award winning O2 Recycle for Business proposition has made a significant contribution to reaching these achievements.

I always talk about O2 Recycle for Business with customers. But while everyone understands the environmental benefits of the proposition, some overlook the money to be made.

I like to get people thinking by askingAre old phones hidden in your home? What about outdated tablets? Or laptops you’ve since replaced? Now scale this up and think about how many unused devices your business could be hiding.”

It’s often at this point that the penny drops and the commercial benefits become very clear.

How much could your old mobile estate worth?

Research shows that the average price of a used handset has grown from £20.80 in 2007 to £114.60 in 2013[1] – that’s a huge increase of over 500%. And with Brits clinging on to old handsets worth £13 billion,[2] those “just in case” devices lying around the office could be worth more than you think.

O2 Recycle for Business is a free service we offer all customers, and you’ll get money for old hardware including phones, tablets and laptops.

Funds can be added to your O2 Hardware Account, so you can upgrade your devices. Or you can have the money as a bank transfer, cheque, or donate it to a charity of your choice.

Safe and secure

And that’s not all. Have you considered old devices lying around could still contain sensitive data that could easily get into the wrong hands? O2 Recycle for Business uses the highest quality Blancco Gold data erasure service, completely wiping devices to “box fresh” condition. We’ll even provide your business with data wiping certificates to prove this.

The winning formula

O2 Recycle for Business is a win-win – it’s secure, enabling commercial door-opener for your business and great for the environment!

So ask yourself, could your organisation use it?

Find out more about O2 Recycle for business, and see how much you could get for your old devices.

[1]  http://www.mobiletoday.co.uk/news/industry/40108/pre-owned-device-market-predicted-to-hit-117bn-in-2016.aspx

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