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About O2 Business

The world of converged IT and telecommunications, mobility, hyper-connectivity, apps and cloud technology is O2’s natural habitat. We help small and large organisations find new ways to do things – to offer new experiences to their customers and transform how their people work. We use our own experience and the insights we have gained from working with our customers to push what’s possible. And as part of the global Telefónica group, we’re backed by a wealth of experience and innovation, gathered from more than 300 million customers around the world.

Getting to know the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ come with the latest design innovations, great cameras, tough protection features and cutting-edge security that make it attractive to many people. Both sport the same sleek look and feel. The main difference is size – the Galaxy S8+ is a little under half an inch bigger, at 6.2 inches … more »

Transforming the housing sector with IoT

Vinnett Taylor, Head of IoT sales The way humans communicate and deliver information has changed dramatically within the last two decades. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning embedded into a deluge of connected devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, telematics and watches have all become staple items in our day-to-day lives. Certainly for younger generations, … more »

The future of customer service

By O2 Business Technology is changing the way organisations communicate with their customers. Mark Gait, Head of Customer Service at O2, has seen the future – and he likes it. A lot. The nature of customer service is changing. And the way that people look to talk to organisations is changing too. It used to … more »

Self-driving cars could be coming by 2019

Vinnett Taylor, Head of IoT sales The new Driven project could see fully autonomous cars in motorway trials from 2019 – and O2 is helping to make it happen. How I commute today I get up at 6.15, drive six miles to the train station where I have to pay to park, assuming I can … more »

Does sustainability have to be a challenge?

By O2 Business Sustainability is fast moving from a ‘nice-to-have’ to an essential part of corporate culture. Need convincing? Management consultants McKinsey have released a report outlining several key areas where sustainability policies can provide significant economic benefits: Risk management – reputation, regulatory and operational risk management Growth – new markets, innovation and new products … more »

Serving up fresh, tasty customer experiences at McDonald's

By Doug Baker, IT Consultant Every day, McDonald’s serves around 3.7m customers in the UK. But changing lifestyles and expectations mean today’s customers want more than good service and quality food when they come to our restaurants – they expect a great experience as well. IT has become absolutely fundamental in delivering these great experiences. … more »

Embracing the age of uncertainty

By Billy D’Arcy, Managing Director, Enterprise & Public Sector Business As I sit writing this early in 2017 the phrase “we live in uncertain times” has never been so apt.  Forgive me for adding yet another instance of it to the Internet, but it’s a phrase that echoes a conversation we had with Dr Graeme … more »

Weathering the Cyber Storm

Russell Poole, B2B Head of Security, Telefonica UK In my job, I work with customers day-in and day-out, finding new ways for them to protect their organisations. At the weekend, it got me thinking about how we’d got to this place, how we’ve ended up with the need for 24/7 ever more complex protection. I … more »