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About O2 Business

The world of converged IT and telecommunications, mobility, hyper-connectivity, apps and cloud technology is O2’s natural habitat. We help small and large organisations find new ways to do things – to offer new experiences to their customers and transform how their people work. We use our own experience and the insights we have gained from working with our customers to push what’s possible. And as part of the global Telefónica group, we’re backed by a wealth of experience and innovation, gathered from more than 300 million customers around the world.

Serving up fresh, tasty customer experiences at McDonald's

By Doug Baker, IT Consultant Every day, McDonald’s serves around 3.7m customers in the UK. But changing lifestyles and expectations mean today’s customers want more than good service and quality food when they come to our restaurants – they expect a great experience as well. IT has become absolutely fundamental in delivering these great experiences. … more »

Embracing the age of uncertainty

By Billy D’Arcy, Managing Director, Enterprise & Public Sector Business As I sit writing this early in 2017 the phrase “we live in uncertain times” has never been so apt.  Forgive me for adding yet another instance of it to the Internet, but it’s a phrase that echoes a conversation we had with Dr Graeme … more »

Weathering the Cyber Storm

Russell Poole, B2B Head of Security, Telefonica UK In my job, I work with customers day-in and day-out, finding new ways for them to protect their organisations. At the weekend, it got me thinking about how we’d got to this place, how we’ve ended up with the need for 24/7 ever more complex protection. I … more »

What's O2 Open?

By O2 business. Whether you’re a small business or a public sector organisation, we know that when it comes to the day-to-day you want things to run smoothly. Especially with your comms provider. But on top of that, we want to give you more and we know that keeping your employees happy is one of … more »

Human touch: How to futureproof your career against AI

By Andrew Bell, Head of Public Sector Perhaps the single-biggest technology talking point of 2016 was Artificial Intelligence (AI). It entered the cultural mainstream with a stream of successful films and TV shows: Ex Machina, Westworld, Humans etc. Big consumer tech companies are bringing virtual assistants into our homes with voice-activated speakers like Amazon Echo … more »

We all say the same thing, so how will customers choose?

Dominic O’Connor, Head of Digital sales I was at a conference recently and the experts on stage were talking about business outcomes, digital transformation and nodding sagely as they talked authoritatively on their subjects. Then an audience member said: “but you’re all saying the same thing, so who should I go to, to buy something?” … more »

Why I'm a passionate believer in digital transformation

By Paul Stevenson, O2 Head of Enterprise Marketing Services “Work is a thing you do. Not a place you go.” When you’re based at home in West Scotland and your company’s HQ is in South East England, your perspective on work has a way of changing. Pretty fast. So it’s safe to say my team … more »

The Public Sector Catalogue, one year on

by Geoff Prowling, Head of Enterprise & Public Sector Sales Enablement “You don’t get older, you get better.” In January 2016, we launched the O2 Public Sector Catalogue designed specifically to support public sector organisations. I wanted to take this opportunity, a year on from the launch, to reflect on how it has evolved, the … more »