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About O2 Business

The world of converged IT and telecommunications, mobility, hyper-connectivity, apps and cloud technology is O2’s natural habitat. We help small and large organisations find new ways to do things – to offer new experiences to their customers and transform how their people work. We use our own experience and the insights we have gained from working with our customers to push what’s possible. And as part of the global Telefónica group, we’re backed by a wealth of experience and innovation, gathered from more than 300 million customers around the world.

Making the move to digital work

How Surrey and Sussex Police forces reduced paperwork by 2 hours per officer per shift by O2 Business Many of us will have thought “there has to be a better way” during our working days. But bogged down by the pressures of time, money or sometimes skills shortages, change doesn’t always happen. However when an … more »

Network problems? We listen, we learn, we make it better.

by O2 Business Let’s be honest. We only use our smartphones to be more productive – accessing our work calls, emails, and IM’s while we’re in and out of the office, right? Oh, and using Googlemaps to get around. And maybe some Facebook travelling home. And a bit of Instagram posting or music streaming at … more »

Goodordering goes global with O2

Earlier this month, Jacqui Ma, founder of East London bag specialists Goodordering, headed to the Big Apple with Enterprise Nation’s Go Global initiative. On a four-day trade mission for members of the fashion and beauty trade to learn more about doing business in the US, Jacqui needed to ensure she stayed connected on her trip. … more »

Technology to bring your people together

by O2 Business From ye olde fob and pocket watches to the smartwatches of today, wrist worn technologies have gone through incredible change over the past few years. Incorporating a number of rather amazing technologies like GPS, voice interaction, heart rate and temperature monitoring, the ability to switch on your lights, or even honk your … more »

Partner accreditations - are they worth the time and investment?

By Kate Hammett, Head of Partnerships at O2, Telefόnica UK Vendors pushing their own accreditation objectives onto their partners reminds me of the education system. Building up reservoirs of knowledge, behaving in the same way, learning the same things and sitting many exams, but the information learned is not necessarily what you need or would … more »

Securing info for patient care and employee wellbeing

By O2Business Ark Home Healthcare is a leading provider of care in the home across the UK, enabling individuals to remain living in their own homes and offering tailored care and support solutions for each individual. Ark’s army of care workers spend most of their time visiting customers at home and rarely come into any … more »

Connect your business with more IoT opportunities

By Stephen Smith, O2 Connect Proposition Owner Making the most of your IoT investment? Here’s why choosing the right connectivity partner helps you realise the full value of your IoT solutions. Let’s start by taking a step back. What challenges need addressing in every IoT solution implementation? According to Sandra Fernández Curias, Strategy Manager and … more »

Fuelling fleet efficiency with real-time vehicle telematics

By Darryll Finch, Propositions Manager at O2 UK When you invest heavily in any high-value specialist solution, you want to make sure it delivers the promised return and helps change your business for the better. Learn how a top UK engineering firm did just that with O2 Smart Vehicle, powered by Geotab. Vehicle telematics technology … more »