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About O2 Business

The world of converged IT and telecommunications, mobility, hyper-connectivity, apps and cloud technology is O2’s natural habitat. We help small and large organisations find new ways to do things – to offer new experiences to their customers and transform how their people work. We use our own experience and the insights we have gained from working with our customers to push what’s possible. And as part of the global Telefónica group, we’re backed by a wealth of experience and innovation, gathered from more than 300 million customers around the world.

How casual connectivity is changing your office

Tech is getting more connected, while at the same time becoming less conspicuous and less intrusive. We’re connecting more, but noticing it, less. Virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, connected cars, wearable and hearable technology mean that casual connectivity is fast becoming the norm, and that means change for business. Smart homes, smart … more »

Maintaining productivity during disruption

by John Aloy, Managing Partner for Passenger Services, Telefónica UK Disruption in the travel and transport world is unavoidable. Contingency plans can of course be created, but sometimes it is simply out of your control. As I look back on last week, it’s safe to say it was a bad week!  Travelers will have seen their travel plans … more »

One way to make your life simpler in 2017

By Elizabeth Ponsford, Customer Engagement Manager, O2 Digital UK “How did we ever manage without a dishwasher?” was the refrain I heard more than once while clearing up after various family feasts over the festive period. It’s just one of many technical innovations that make our lives easier, simpler and more efficient, and which we … more »

Innovate and collaborate to navigate the uncertainty

Billy D’Arcy, Managing Director, Enterprise and Public Sector, Telefonica O2 When I look back at the decisions I’ve made over the years one stands out for me, and that was the decision not to bet on Apple. Now that’s not because I’m cross that I didn’t make Jobs-like millions, but the fact that the odds … more »

Why paperless first means people first too

  By Alex Walter, Managing Partner, Healthcare, O2 This may surprise people but I believe that digitising the NHS, for all the complexity involved, will ultimately raise NHS staff morale more than any other initiative could do. I have huge respect for everyone who delivers care on the front line. Yet while several of my … more »

Is sustainability in Business just for show?

Ross Couper, Marketing Manager, O2 As a recent graduate with a dual honours in geography and business, the topic of sustainability has always been of interest. Through the course we covered sustainability in the world of big business and would always end up discussing whether sustainability was only a focus for PR, so the organisation … more »

Digitising the NHS: challenge or joy?

By Alex Walter, Managing Partner for Healthcare, O2 Last month my team and I spent two very interesting days at the EHI Live conference in Birmingham. Surrounded by people from across the healthcare industry, from clinicians to heads of hospitals, most of my conversations bore strong similarities: the NHS has been challenged to go paperless, … more »

5 key mobile trends for 2017

By John Acton, Head of Partners and Strategic Alliances, Telefonica UK I recently joined a number of our vendor partners at a Channel forum in Barcelona. Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies was the key note speaker and interestingly the theme of the event was ‘Digital First’. We know that this digital first … more »