Why OneNote is my new notepad

By Mandy Gidda, Marketing Manager I joined O2 from a traditional company that still used pens, paper and email, so as a new starter being introduced to the world of paper-free was daunting to say the least! From day one I got looks of horror from my new colleagues as I walked into meetings with … more »

Keeping fans connected

By Helen Miall, Head of Marketing, Weve and O2 Commerce, Telefonica UK Go to any gig, sports match or concert and you’ll more than likely see the venue lit up with mobile phones filming and sharing the event. With the progression of mobile technology has come the expectation of free wifi everywhere we go and … more »

Perfecting police procurement

By Steve Norris, Managing Partner and O2 public sector champion – Criminal Justice and Emergency Services Police forces across the UK are facing increasing pressures with constant budget cuts, rising demands and both citizen and public sector expectations. With communities to consider, from officers on the streets to back office employees, the need for all of … more »

Why businesses need a Women's Network

By Tara Rule: Head of Trading Performance, Telefónica UK I recently took on the role of Chair of the Women’s Network for O2. I did this because I’m passionate about helping people and making a difference (however small) in their lives and careers. The Women’s Network is here to empower people to be themselves at work and … more »

G-Cloud: "O2 is just for mobile, right?"

By Neil Cruden: Framework Manager at Telefónica UK Wrong! As the G-Cloud 8 framework was awarded last week, we are pleased to announce that O2 has once again maintained its position on the framework dedicated to non-mobile offerings. We’ve got an updated portfolio focusing purely on non-mobile and cloud services, with some new and unique … more »

Speed vs stability: how CIOs can make their organisations more agile

By Simon Stanford: Managing Director, O2 Enterprise Sales Digital transformation isn’t always easy. We know this at O2 because we’ve done it ourselves, and helped a number of our customers do it. What I’ve seen is that many CIOs struggle to find a balance between speed and stability when it comes to upgrading their IT. … more »

What can Donald Rumsfeld teach us about compliance?

By Mark Baggs: Product Manager, Telefónica Digital UK The recent publication of the Chilcot Report unearthed reams of media footage around the Iraq war, including Donald Rumsfeld’s infamous and perplexing speech regarding the supply of weapons of mass destruction: “..there are known knowns; there are things we know that we know. We also know that there … more »

Is cool more important than capable?

By Alex Achucarro: Mobility Specialist, Telefónica Digital In the past, almost all technology we used was utilitarian. It didn’t matter how it made you feel, so long as you were able to do the job in hand. Cars were boxes that took you from A to B, houses had 4 walls and a roof, mobile phones had a … more »