Mobile connectivity is the solution to Scotland's digital future

By Derek McManus, Chief Operating Officer at O2 29 August 2017 marked the fourth anniversary of O2 providing its customers with 4G connectivity. In just those four years, the digital landscape in Scotland has evolved beyond all recognition. Smartphone ownership has soared, bringing new social media platforms and a host of disruptive apps and services. The … more »

Building connectivity around our customers

By Derek McManus, Chief Operating Officer of O2, Telefonica UK Mobile connectivity has become essential in our day-to-day lives and its central importance to the future growth of our economy is growing. This year four in five adults in Britain will own a smartphone as they replace computers and laptops as the go-to hub for … more »

"Some of the crowd are on the pitch... they're posting selfies"

It’s not long ‘til the #RBS6Nations kicks off where hundreds of thousands of supporters will enjoy world class rugby up and down the UK from Cardiff to Edinburgh and RFU HQ at Twickenham.   Every week, millions of customers flock to arenas and stadiums to cheer on their teams, eager to share every high and low of … more »

2015: New Year, new digital resolutions

By Derek McManus, COO Telefónica UK From exploring the trends within enterprise technology, we can see that many organisations aren’t making the most of the solutions available to them. As it’s been often demonstrated, becoming a truly integrated digital organisation can deliver amazing real-world benefits – so why are many slow to react? Are organisations still … more »

A day in the life of a special network projects engineer

By Claire Venners – Special Network Projects Manager at Telefónica UK. England’s first rugby Autumn International was always going to be a special event. But not because we were playing the All Blacks. The match on November the 8th was the first time that a rugby match had an in-stadium 4G coverage solution. And while unfortunately we … more »

Our newest 4G areas uncovered

Our 4G roll out now covers 232 UK towns and cities, providing 37.5% indoor coverage. Here’s a few interesting facts that we’ve discovered about our newest 4G areas: Portsmouth: Also known as Pompey (although no one knows the official story why) this town boasts a ton of literary giants including Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle … more »

We're all thirsty for mobile coverage

Derek McManus, Chief Operating Officer, shares O2’s plan to deliver the best network service for our customers. According to a report published in April 2014 from the WHO/Unicef monitoring program for the UK, it’s estimated that 98% of rural households have drinking water piped directly into their premises. For something that may be perceived as … more »