Earthquake in Mexico - supporting O2 customers

After yesterday’s earthquake in Mexico we’re supporting O2 customers who have friends and family living or staying in the country as well as any of our customers who are visiting. We’ll remove all usage charges for our customers calling from their O2 mobile in the UK to international landlines and international mobile numbers in Mexico. … more »

Making the move to digital work

How Surrey and Sussex Police forces reduced paperwork by 2 hours per officer per shift by O2 Business Many of us will have thought “there has to be a better way” during our working days. But bogged down by the pressures of time, money or sometimes skills shortages, change doesn’t always happen. However when an … more »

O2 and the Inclusive Economy Partnership by Mark Evans, CEO

At O2 we have a long-standing commitment to deploy innovation and enterprise to not just analyse and understand problems, but to take action that delivers practical solutions to them.  This determination drives our work to be the mobile operator that delivers the best possible service to our 25 million customers. We also firmly believe that … more »

O2 customers in the Caribbean - be safe!

We’ve been tracking the recent news around hurricanes affecting areas in the Caribbean and we understand some of our customers may have been impacted by these events. We want to make things as easy as we can for you. If you have loved ones who may have been affected,  we’ll remove all usage charges for … more »

Network problems? We listen, we learn, we make it better.

by O2 Business Let’s be honest. We only use our smartphones to be more productive – accessing our work calls, emails, and IM’s while we’re in and out of the office, right? Oh, and using Googlemaps to get around. And maybe some Facebook travelling home. And a bit of Instagram posting or music streaming at … more »

Inspiring girls to Step into STEM

by Ana-Rosa Broster, Senior Payments Product Manager, O2, Telefonica UK Last month we hosted 26 girls at a work insight day at our HQ in Slough as part of the Step into STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) mentoring programme organised by GirlsTalkLondon and run in conjunction with BT, Vodafone, and Ericsson. Step into STEM … more »

Technology to bring your people together

by O2 Business From ye olde fob and pocket watches to the smartwatches of today, wrist worn technologies have gone through incredible change over the past few years. Incorporating a number of rather amazing technologies like GPS, voice interaction, heart rate and temperature monitoring, the ability to switch on your lights, or even honk your … more »

Partner accreditations - are they worth the time and investment?

By Kate Hammett, Head of Partnerships at O2, Telefόnica UK Vendors pushing their own accreditation objectives onto their partners reminds me of the education system. Building up reservoirs of knowledge, behaving in the same way, learning the same things and sitting many exams, but the information learned is not necessarily what you need or would … more »