30 O2 people head to Latin America

This summer, 30 people from all across O2 are travelling to Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador and Peru to volunteer and help make a real difference to children’s lives. And they’ll be blogging right here.

This is all part of our Telefónica scholarship programme, Proniño, which aims to provide an education and a chance for a better future to children who would otherwise be sent to work.

For the volunteers, this is a chance to experience new cultures and, work with colleagues from across Spain and Latin America, to make a real difference to children in Latin America. For the children who benefit from Proniño, it's a chance for a good education, and a hope for a better future.

We’ll upload their blog posts right here under a new category we’re creating, Proniño. We’ve also kitted them out with a Twitter account – http://www.twitter.com/pronino – so if you’d like to see what they’re up to in 150 characters or less that’s the place for you. Finally, you can find out more about Telefónica’s social action programs by heading to http://is.gd/1s6X8.