DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal

O2 customers can donate £5.00 by texting the word GIVE to 70077. The message is charged at the standard O2 network message rate and the full £5.00 donation goes to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).
VAT is not applied to charity donations.

The destruction from the earthquake in Haiti has been phenomenal. Towns have been destroyed and thousands of people have lost their lives, with thousands more homeless, hungry and without clean water.

All money raised is going to support DEC member agencies in ensuring urgent supplies of food, water and medical supplies reach to these vulnerable people.

If you would like to find out more about DEC's work visit

O2 has waived its charges to enable the £5 donation to go entirely to the DEC and Telefónica
is also to donate €900.000 (£787,000) to the Red Cross to support the victims of the
earthquake in Haiti.