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Learn-keyboard O2 Learn is a brilliant resource full of free video lessons from teachers that can help students of all levels from kids tussling with the Key Stages to GCSE and A-Level students. We've picked out our current favourites after the jump.

With videos from well-known professionals in other fields mixed in with the great contributions from teachers, there's also lots to learn for big kids who have long since left school behind. Each month, we'll round up the best new videos on O2 Learn right here to give you a head start…


1. Tricks and tips for analysing non-fiction in exams

Subject: English Level: GCSE Uploaded by HL84

Teacher HL84 harnesses the power of a white board and some killer rock music to give a really useful and clear presentation on the tricks and tips you need to really nail the portion of the GCSE English exam dedicated to analysing non-fiction texts. We did our GCSEs a long time ago but these tips taught us a few things too!

2. Animal adaptions including a snake eating a mouse!

Subject: Biology Level: GCSE Uploaded by Animal

Uploaded by the appropriately named Animal, this lesson explains how animal adaptions give creatures an advantage over rivals for food and the prey they're after. Children will enjoy the low-key gruesomeness of the lesson with a snake gobbling up a mouse taking pride of place in the rundown of the animal kingdom's most impressive adaptions.

3. Cool take on cadences 

Subject: Music Level:GCSE Uploaded by Cupcake

Did you know that cadences in music are like eating donuts? You will after you watch this lesson which has an entertaining way of making musical theory easy. Music is one of the subjects that benefits most from O2 Learn with sound and visuals combining to make topics much simpler to grasp.

4. Big Bang Theory summarised

Subject: Physics Level: A-Level Uploaded by Solar

Again rocking just a drywipe marker and a whiteboard, Solar manages to explain the Big Bang in terms even we could take in. It's an entertaining presentation and the good news this is just part one of a three part Big Bang break down.

5. How to take a brilliant photograph

Subject: Photography Level:A-Level Uploaded by Rankin

As well as videos from teachers, O2 Learn features the occasional special appearance from a professional in another field. In this clip, celebrity photographer Rankin offers his tips on how to get a brilliant shot. His tips on lighting and how to use camera angles to get interesting effects are particularly great.

Let us know what lessons on O2 Learn you've enjoyed and what you think of this month's picks in the comments!