Let O2 pay off your IOU

Ever found yourself running low on cash because you’ve lent your mate some money and they’ve not paid you back yet?

You’re certainly not alone. In fact, O2 did a bit of research and found that Britons were left out of pocket to the tune of £2.6bn last year because of unpaid IOUs from family, friends and colleagues.

We know it can be a bit of a hassle chasing up debts so we’re on a mission to help pay back the nation’s IOUs with the help of O2 Wallet. From Monday 25 June we’re running a week long twitter campaign where we’re inviting you to tweet @O2 your outstanding IOUs from friends and family (with #IOU in the message).

Each day we’ll pick three tweets and pay off their IOUs via a Money Message to their O2 Wallet (up to the value of £100). And because O2 Wallet is available to anyone, it means you can tweet even if you’re not an O2 customer and you’ll still be in with a chance of getting your cash back!