Wayra start-up helps student finances go further

Know a graduate student who wants to continue their education, but can’t afford the fees? StudentFunder.com has the answer.

This Wayra start-up is offering students from all over the world a chance to finance postgraduate and professional courses through crowdfunding and affordable loans.

Putting students in control

It couldn’t be simpler – any student with an admission letter from a UK institution can submit an application on StudentFunder.com. Once the application has been approved, students can apply for loans and crowdfund their fees, or use any combination of these methods to pay for a postgraduate, professional or short course.

Creating opportunities

It’s already helping students in a number of fields, from cancer researchers to web developers and NGO workers. StudentFunder’s platform has helped PhD candidates gain vital funding and given young people their path to employment. Take a look at their profiles on the site.

Find out how StudentFunder can help someone you know by visiting www.studentfunder.com