12 silly things Brits do on holiday

Travelling to Europe this summer? Whatever you get up to on the continent, we hope you make the most of the sun, sea and sand while staying out of trouble. Here are twelve of our favourite ‘Brits abroad’ situations to watch out for.

1. Drinking too much

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2. Not respecting the local culture


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 3. Questionable karaoke

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 4. Arguing with your partner because you’ve got completely lost

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 5. Pointing at everything because you can’t speak the local lingo

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 6. Buying a hideous holiday shirt

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7. Getting sunburnt

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 8. Trying to chat up the fit bar staff at the resort, badly

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9.  Throwing your best shapes on the dancefloor

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10. Getting ill from a dodgy kebab

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 11. Cannonballing into the swimming pool

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12. Turning your phone off for your entire holiday

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