7 reasons we love Yorkshire

This weekend the Tour de France kicks off in Yorkshire for the first time and we’re reyt excited.

Of course there are hundreds of reasons to love God’s own county, but here are our top seven:

1. It takes four counties to cover all of Yorkshire. A county so big and mighty they had to break it up because it intimidated all the other counties.


 2. People in Yorkshire speak a different language. “Ey up duck. Alreyt? Heading tut shops to grab some buns fer tea? Smashing.”


3. The Yorkshire pudding. So delicious that you can have it for dinner, tea, sometimes even breakfast. And you’ll always fight your sibling for the last one.


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4. Everyone in Yorkshire talks to each other. On the bus, down the street, in the pub. A stranger to a Yorkshireman is just a friend they haven’t met yet.

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5. Yorkshire is all about culture. From the Bronte sisters and David Hockney, to Alan Bennett and the Arctic Monkeys, there’s something for everyone. Oh and even Hull gets a look in as City of Culture 2017.

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6. They’re really good at sports. So good in fact that Yorkshire would have come 12th at the London 2012 Olympics if it was competing as a separate country. Sorry, Kazahkstan.


7. They’re good honest folk. And not afraid to say what they think.

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Competition time

To celebrate Le Tour Yorkshire, we’re running a special #GetOnYourBike competition to win a Movistar Team bike which will be raced in the 2014 Tour. We want to see you or your racing pack out on the roads or conquering those hills.

To enter, send your photos, videos and vines to @O2sports on Twitter using #GetonYourBike.We’ll be looking out for the most challenging and daring shots – scenery is key. If you can show us how keen a rider you are, the more chance you’ll have of being the lucky Movistar Team bike owner.

The competition closes on Tuesday 9 July after the Tour leaves for France. We’ll pick one winner for the Movistar Team bike from all the photos and videos shared with #GetOnYourBike. There’ll be a team of Movistar people ready to pick their favourite. As usual, certain rules apply.

We’ll be following the Movistar Team on the road throughout the tour so make sure you keep an eye on @O2sports on Twitter to see how they’re getting on. The team themselves are at @Movistar_Team.