Improve your phone photos with these top accessories

You’ve already got a great camera phone in your pocket but did you know there’s a host of accessories out there that can give your photos a twist? Fisheye lenses, clever tripods and even portable printers can bring your phone photos to life. Join the O2 Gurus as we take look at some of the best accessories out there.

OlloClip lenses


Give your phone photography a quirky and interesting twist with these clip-on lenses from OlloClip – the fisheye lens is great for larking about with friends, while the macro one lets you take really crisp close-ups. We also like the telephoto lens, which gives your phone with a 2x optical zoom, which is better quality than the digital zoom your phone probably offers. They’re all quick and straightforward to mount and switch around, and are ideal if you’re after that little bit extra creativity and detail from your camera phone.

Sony detachable lenses


These cool gadgets brilliantly combine the possibilities of mobile photography with dedicated professional camera tech. The Sony QX-100 and QX-10 are both individual lens-style cameras that can either be clipped on to your phone or – even more excitingly –  controlled from your phone even when it’s detached. They’re impressively powerful, too: the QX-100 (above) contains a sensor and processor that boasts the same power as that of a DLSR lens and is ideal for low-light shooting, while the QX-10 offers the capabilities of an impressive 10x zoom.

The Galileo panning robot


Galileo is a neat and portable dock for your phone that makes it  possible to take smooth and steady panoramas, as well as tilt your phone up and down to capture interesting images and film. It’s easy to set up, can be controlled by a tablet or computer and is already accompanied by several dedicated apps built to make best use of its spinning capabilities, with a host of others also in development. It’ll scan a room for faces, record stunning TimeLapse sequences and create 360 degree panoramas all on its own.

GorillaPod stand


Tripods are essential gear for any semi-serious photographer, but can only be used on flat surfaces – right? Not any more, thanks to GorillaPod, the most versatile tripod around. It can adapt itself to almost any surface imaginable, thanks to two dozen leg joints which are all rotatable by 360 degrees. Tie it around your car mirror to create an instant GPS display, mould it round trees or rocks to steady your camera for a landscape image, or attach it to a fence or pole using its strong magnetic feet. It’s easy to transport and can be fitted on to your phone in seconds – it’s an essential bit of kit.

Impossible Instant Lab


Everybody loves Polaroid photos, but no one wants to carry a bulky analogue camera around with them. But the Impossible Instant Lab brings back the traditional print by converting digital images from your phone into physical photos on the go. Simply choose a photo then place your phone on top of the device. The gadget will then instantly print a Polaroid-style photo – wait half an hour for it to develop and you’ll have a beautiful printout you can give out to friends or stick up on your wall.  There’s also a gadget for doing precisely the opposite task: the nifty Lomography Film Scanner lets you scan negatives of 35mm film shots on to your phone for easy editing, emailing and sharing.

Have you ever used any of these gadgets to boost your camera photography? Which great accessories are we missing from this list? Let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter @O2.

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