Six days with the LG G3

LG’s G2 was one of my favourite ever phones and so I had pretty high hopes for the G3. But sequels are tricky things – just ask the people who thought Highlander: The Quickening was a good idea. But thankfully for us, LG have done a fantastic job here and improved on the already pretty spiffy G2 in a whole bunch of ways – think more Terminator 2 than Highlander 2.

Here’s the seven things that stood out for me since I got my hands on one…

  1. Knock Code: The G2’s Knock On feature was great – double tap the screen to wake it up. Now you can do it with a secret code and, brilliantly, you can tap the code in whenever you like – even when the screen’s off. Pull your phone out, tap your code in and boom – your phone’s unlocked. It’s a brilliant party piece, especially because you can tap the code anywhere you like on the screen.
  2. Design: The G3’s a beautiful piece of kit. LG shifting the buttons to the back takes some getting used to, admittedly, but after a couple of days it’s second nature. No more reaching to corners of the screen, just move one finger and you can tap away. That means the sides of the phone are completely clutter free and helps give the G3 a supermodel-like figure.
  3. Camera: The G3’s camera is packed with tons of clever tricks, from being able to clear away all the options and clutter on the screen with one tap to being able to trigger the camera to take pictures by saying things like ‘cheese’, ‘whiskey’ or even ‘LG’ and ‘Kimchi’. Then of course, there’s one extra feature that’s so cool I’ve given it it’s own number…
  4. Selfie fist: So freakin’ cool. Switch the camera to front facing, hold your hand up and then make a fist to trigger the camera. It’s so good it makes taking selfie after selfie somehow worthwhile. LG calls it ‘Gesture Shot’ but frankly it’s brilliant whatever the name. And of course, no guessing their inspiration…
  5. Memory card support: Oh yes. Brilliant move here – the G3’s back flips off and gives you access to the removable battery, sim card slot and – amazing – a memory card slot. The G2 packed a pretty reasonable size internal memory but the removable card slot in the G3’s got you covered if you tote around a lot of data. And with the G3 supporting cards up to a frankly stupendous 128GB in size, you should have enough room to store somewhere around 42 kajillion photos. Epic.
  6. Widget wonderful: Bit of a personal one this but I love LG’s weather widgets. The G3 wisely keeps hold of the same style widget as the G2, meaning you can track the weather in multiple cities at once and flick between them with one swipe – perfect for watching the skies at home and elsewhere. So with one swipe I can see just how much hotter it is in Orlando than in Slough – only 325 days till my holiday…
  7. That screen: LG’s one of the first to equip their phones with a Quad HD screen, meaning it looks sharper than James Bond in a tux and packs in more detail than an eight hour physics lecture. And it’s big too, taking up most of the front of the phone – just the way I like it. And because it’s so big you can even multitask well, splitting the screen in two and doing two separate things at once. Plus, LG packs in five icons per row on the home screen so you’ll fit more on one page.

The LG G3. More Terminator than Highlander.

The LG G3’s got a lot more to offer, of course – its beefy processor and RAM hum away under the bonnet and kids mode is great for those of you worried about what your children might do with the phone, for instance, but whoever you are you’ll find something to love with LG’s latest phone.

You can make it yours right now on our epic O2 Refresh tariff – click here to grab yours – or go see it in the flesh at your nearest O2 store.

Just try not to make the selfie fist until you’ve got the G3 in your other hand… Already got a G3 or looking to pick one up soon? Got a favourite feature we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments.