Cats, cars and Cortana: the week's tech news condensed

The world of technology moves at lightning speed. And we get it, you lead a busy life so staying up to date with all the tech news can’t always be top of your list. But don’t be left out of the loop: join the O2 Gurus as we run down the hottest tech news of the week…

Nok Nok Nokia

There are two new Nokia phones to lust after: the high-end Nokia Lumia 930 and its wallet-friendly little sibling, the Lumia 635! The two new phones come with Windows Phone 8.1, which brings a clever new-style keyboard to the smartphone party and will soon feature a AI assistant called Cortana.  And whaddya know, here’s a handy video of some of the coolest features.

Get Android on your TV

Philips has just unveiled its latest TV and it looks like a scorcher: it’s a 65-inch Ultra HD (4K) beast and it’s running Android. Yep, the same Android as you get on your phone so you can download apps, games, TVs and films from Google Play direct to your TV. It’s also got Philips’ Ambilight system that projects light from the back of the TV to complement whatever you’re watching. Sounds distracting, but in practice it’s actually really cool.

When is a deleted selfie not a deleted selfie?

When it’s still on your old phone, that’s when. A security firm called Avast bought 20 second-hand Android phones from eBay and found that it was relatively simple to retrieve deleted texts, web searches and photos from them, including a fair few selfies showing a little more flesh than you’d usually share… Google says these phones are running old versions of Android and newer editions have more robust security features.

The FBI thinks driverless cars could be used as lethal weapons


Google’s been beavering away on its automated cars for ages now, and the FBI is getting a bit antsy about what criminals might get up to with them now that they’re getting closer to market. They reckon the hands-free element of self-driving cars could aid crims’ getaways or allow terrorists to pack them with explosives then send the cars off to a target.

Google+ will now let you sign up with whatever name you like

Google came under fire for forcing you to use your real name on Google+ instead of letting you opt for a more anonymous “internet identity” if you wanted. But now it’s removed any name-based restrictions so you can go back to being RadDad344 if that’s what it takes to get you to actually use Google+. And if you’re already on there, why not join our circle?

And finally


This smart gadget uses feline facial recognition to feed your cats the purrfect amount while monitoring their weight and appetite. Sounds good for cat lovers, but we wouldn’t mind something a bit more dog.

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