Five essential health and fitness apps

It’s easy enough to waste time on your smartphone, but what if you used that time to get into shape? Thanks to a host of exciting health and fitness apps it’s never been easier to get fit – here are the O2 Gurus’ pick of the best.

Best for runners – Runtastic Pro

runtastic proBoth beginners and experienced athletes will soon come to wonder how they ever managed without Runtastic Pro. The app tracks your pace, distance and calories burnt and helps you to work out a plan to achieve your personal goals. We particularly like how the app plays coaching tips and cheering crowds through your headphones as you run, and the fact that it can be paired up with a variety of fitness accessories like smartwatches and heart rate monitors.

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry
Cost: £1.99 (a basic version is also available for free)

Best for cyclists – Cyclemeter

cyclemeterAnyone obsessed with life on the two wheels should download Cyclemeter immediately. It’s a remarkably rich app that records an impressive amount of data – including maps, graphs, laps and splits. These will help cyclists track races and enhance your training. You can also design and share detailed workout plans. It’s compatible with a great selection of wearable tech and consumes so little memory that it’s possible to record data from an almost infinite amount of rides. Android users may want to check out Strava for similar features.

Platform: iOS
Cost: Free

For the unmotivated – Fitocracy

fitocracyFitocracy adds a whole new layer of fun to exercise by making it into a game. Earn points from workouts, achieve level-ups and take on quests, then compare your progress with family and friends. Accomplish a major milestone and you’ll get a nifty badge acknowledging your triumph to add to your profile. The app also gives you access to the know-how of fitness and nutrition experts across the world. It’s the ideal way to make exercising fun – or to show off how great you are to everyone you know, depending on your perspective… 

Platform: iOS, Android
Cost: Free

For healthy eaters – Calorie Counter by Nutracheck

nutracheckNutracheck is perfect if you’re after a way to keep a close eye on what you’re eating. Just scan the barcode on your lunch using your smartphone and enter a serving size – the app will then inform you of the calories it contains and log the details in a diary. If you can’t spot a barcode, just type the product name and the app will bring up a selection of options. It’s fully cloud compatible, so you’ll always be able to access your most up to date diary whether you’re signing in on your phone or online.

Platform: iOS, Android
Cost: Free

Best all-rounder – Saga

sagaThere’s more to healthy living than just exercise, which is why it’s worth getting your hands on Saga, an app built to help you create your own ‘digital autobiography’. The app can automatically track your location using GPS to start creating the ultimate record of everything you’ve been up to. The app gets smarter the more you use it – like any good log or diary, it can be used to give insight into your behaviour and help you make informed lifestyle decisions. It’s also fully compatible with all the major social networks, making it possible to share your digital story with friends and family as you go.

Platform: iOS, Android
Cost: Free

Have you ever used any of these apps to help track and improve your fitness? Let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter @O2.

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