Grab a byte at one of these high tech restaurants

Whether you’re in the mood for a smartphone soufflé or just a quick byte, the O2 Gurus have rounded up five high tech restaurants will leave you wondering how we ever ate out before.

Tablet tables at Inamo, London

inamoPaper menus are so yesterday: at Inamo, the Asian-fusion menu is projected right onto your table complete with visualisations of each dish. Tap whatever food takes your fancy and that’s your order taken and you can use the touchpad to swap the tablecloth for a different design or a boardgame to pass the time.

Robot waiters at Dalu Robot, China

Waiters aren’t machines – unless you’re dining at Dalu Robot, that is. Here, food is served by eight on-duty robots, each programmed to perform a different job. Combined, they’re capable of serving up to 100 diners at the same time. And, since you’re being served by emotionless androids, you can probably get away without tipping.

Rollercoaster rails at ‘S Baggers, Germany


If you find yourself in Nuremberg, swing by ‘S Baggers. There’s no need to learn German as you’ll use a touchscreen to submit your order. The screen will also give you the lowdown on where food is sourced from and how big portions are. Once you’ve chosen, sit back and wait for your food to float down to you along a rollercoaster of metal rails.

DIY burgers at 4food, USA

It’s fast food, Jim, but not as you know it. In the middle of New York is 4food, an a fast food joint with a difference. Log on to the 4food website to design your burger before heading to the restaurant to pick it up. You can then even give your masterpiece its own name and find out what other customers think of it on social media.

IMAX for food at Ultraviolet, China

ultraviolet high tech restaurants O2 Gurus

A dinner at Ultraviolet is an all-consuming culinary experience. There’s only one table in the restaurant because each dish of the 22-course set menu is accompanied by bespoke sound, visuals and lighting courtesy of top-of-the-range 360 degree video screens and Dolby stereo speakers.

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