Get in shape this summer with O2 Touch Fit

Want to get beach buff, but currently looking more beach ball? Don’t worry, help is at hand thanks to the launch of O2 Touch Fit – a four week fitness programme, created for O2 Touch players or anyone that wants to get in shape for summer.

O2 Touch Fit combines a balanced diet and tough fitness sessions with the social benefits of playing O2 Touch. We’ve joined forces with England Rugby to create a series of workout videos covering all fitness aspects to help you shift that Christmas weight you’ve been complaining about since 2008.

Keep up with the programme by watching our videos on the England Rugby YouTube channel from Monday 28th July and you’ll be on top of your game in no time. Each workout will take on a different focus, helping you work on your mobility, speed & strength, conditioning and power across the programme.

Let us know how you’re doing by getting in touch with us via Twitter. Just follow @O2Sports and @EnglandRugby, or tweet #O2Touch. Keep us updated and you’ll be in with a shot of winning some great freebies.

O2 Touch. Where legends are made

O2 Touch is Rugby without the tackling, scrums and kicking. It’s open to anyone regardless of age, gender or ability and best of all your first game is on us. Find out where your nearest game is happening by putting in your postcode here.

Over 14,000 people play O2 Touch in the UK so pass the news on to your friends and tackle summer head on.