Kitchen gadgets to help make you a better cook

We could all use help in the kitchen – we asked top food and lifestyle blogger Emily Leary to show the O2 Gurus some gadgets to make us better cooks.

Have you ever left the pan on and burnt the stew? Made your dinner into a glutinous blob with no idea where you went wrong? These are the gadgets that promise to put an end to all that.

Mix to the max

kitchen gadgetsAt first glance, the Thermomix is just a £900 food processor. Outrageous? Well, maybe not. Yes, it blends – but, like some mad scientist’s experiment involving smashing up your gadgets into one Frankenstein’s Monster of a kitchen tool, it also weighs, chops, heats, cooks and stirs all by itself too. It can make everything from salad to curry to bread – and at that price, you’d hope so too.

Next-level chopping board

kitchen gadgetDo you measure your food out in grams? Bit basic! How about some scales that not only weigh your food, but calculate the nutritional content and send it all wirelessly to your iPhone or iPad so you can track and plan your meal objectives? At £85, The Orange Chef Prep Pad is one of the more affordable options – and let’s face it, you’re playing with your phone all the time anyway, so why not do it while making dinner too?

Nice rice

kitchen gadgetI kind of suck at making rice – it comes out either glutinous or watery no matter what I do. All that could change with the Zojirushi micom fuzzy logic rice cooker in my kitchen. Just tell it what kind of rice you’re putting in and the cooker will automatically make adjustments to the temperature and heating time. It can work on a timer so your rice is ready when you get home from work – and if you’re late, it keeps your rice at perfect serving temperature until you’re ready.

Master that pasta

kitchen gadgetWait, you’re telling me you buy your pasta dry from the supermarket? Ha and pah! No self-respecting spaghetti enthusiast should be without fresh pasta – and a Lello Pro Pastamater could have you making your own from scratch in minutes. It takes the raw ingredients, mixes them and extrudes perfect spaghetti, ceppellini, linguine, tagliatelle and macaroni out the other end. And since you tipped in the flour and eggs at the beginning, you can totally take credit at the dinner table.

The ultimate oven

kitchen gadgetNo kitchen is complete without an oven but if we’re to stand head and shoulders above the crowd, then the Miele ContourLine is the one to buy. Punch in what you’re cooking and it’ll tell you how to cook it, figure out the temperature and cooking time for you and then track its own progress using “SensorTronic controls”. And if you’re in a hurry, it will combine baking and microwaving in just the right balance to get your dinner out of the oven and into your belly faster.

So, got a few thousand to spend on becoming a better cook? Great. I’ll be round for dinner. But if you’re on a bit more of a budget, never fear: the O2 Gurus have also rounded up their pick of the best cooking apps to get you started.

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