Could you replace your games console with a smartphone?

How long have you spent playing Angry Birds on your phone while your console gathers dust? As phones and tablets become more powerful, the O2 Gurus ask if it’s time to ditch the games console.

Over 93 million people play Candy Crush every day. If ever there were a stat that proved that mobile gaming is big, it’s that. After all, it’s quicker and cheaper to unlock your phone than fire up a console just to match three sweets in a row.

But what about the hardcore triple-A graphics-heavy headliners: could serious gamers ever abandon their consoles in favour of a mobile device?


There are two areas where consoles have always had the edge: graphics and power. It took eight years for Microsoft to get from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, but smartphones and tablets get more powerful every year. The iPhone 5S already rocks a 64-bit processor so it can run visually rich games like Infinity Blade III (below) without any lag.


Phone games have come a long way since Snake. There are now console-style games made specially for smartphones and tablets, from ports of titles like GTA and FIFA to whole new franchises like The Room, which uses touchscreen controls in ways that would be impossible with a console controller.

Both Android and iOS now come with the necessary smarts to mirror your device’s screen on a TV, and if you yearn for buttons and joysticks, there are plenty of accessories out there to give your touchscreen console-style controls (like the Moga controller above).

So is it time? 

So should you chuck out the console? If you like to dip in and out of the gaming world, you could easily get by with the current crop of smartphones – but if you’re a hardcore gamer then we’re not sure you should quite yet. Mobile gaming is good and getting better but still doesn’t match the grunt of the big consoles like the Xbox One and PS4.

That said, it will be at least another five years before we see a new generation of consoles – and with mobile technology advancing at such a pace who knows how it will have gone by then.

Would you ever ditch your console in favour of a phone? Or have you already? Let us know over on Twitter @O2 or in the comments box below. 

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