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Forget Candy Crush: the O2 Gurus have braved Google Play to bring you five Android games that are so addictive they should come with a health warning.

Super Hexagon

hexagonOnce you download Super Hexagon, your life will never be the same again. It’s a fiendishly simple concept: just don’t let the rotating hexagon touch the edges of the screen. Oh whoops, you died. Try again. Whoops again. This time you’ll get it. Whoops! What’s that? You’ve missed an important social engagement? Oh dear. Sorry.

Cost: £1.99 | Google Play link


ingressA mysterious energy has been discovered and it is influencing the way people think – do you embrace and harness it or defend humanity against it? That’s the choice you have to make in Ingress, which makes the world around you part of the game. It’s a game of strategy and anyone around you could be playing it too. Be warned: Ingress will take over your life.

Cost: Free | Google Play link


blendokuPart crossword, part sudoku, part colour matcher, part annihilator of free time, Blendoku is a beautiful but deadly puzzle game. It starts easy – just put four shades of green in colour order – but before long you’ll be hyperventilating as a rainbow of colours have to be arranged in a snaking grid as the clock ticks down… Try not to smash your phone.

Cost: Free | Google Play link


quizupThink you know everything there is to know about Friends? Or Disney films? Or vegetables? Or flags of the world? Pit your general knowledge against other players from all over the world and you’ll get so swept up in the pursuit of a level-up that you’ll look up, realise it’s morning and have to go to work without having had a wink of sleep.

Cost: Free | Google Play link


2048The point of 2048 is to keep matching numbers until you create the elusive 2048 tile. There’s something very satisfying about swiping a block into another block to transform them into a block with another number on it. There are all kinds of versions available from Beyoncé to Doge, as well as equally addictive numerical variations on the theme Threes and Fives.

Cost: Free | Google Play link

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