6 reasons Pinterest is addictive

Looking for ideas for that everyday project you’ve got on the go, or want to be inspired by the great content based on your personal interests? Pinterest has it all.

Here are six reasons why Pinterest is addictive:

1. Focused functionality: Pinterest does one thing, and does it well – embracing the less is more ethos. It’s easy to use, dead simple and hassle free.

2. Passion pit: Pinterest lets us collect and share what we love – our hobbies, our desires, our aspirations, which is why it’s an ideal source of inspiration.

3. Seeing is believing: Pinterest can be enjoyed without reading a thing. You can immerse yourself in an experience that is 100% visual, making it the perfect place to save links from all over the Web and for organising favourite recipe ideas, wish lists, craft projects, etc.

4. Open to all: Everyone from small businesses to major websites use Pinterest to promote their content. But what’s nice about it, is brands have pages and access to the same features that individual users have.

5. Good for the soul: As simple as it sounds, Pinterest is relaxing. It’s easy to use which is why people use it to unwind between projects or at night before bed.

6. Connect and share: At its heart, Pinterest is a social networking tool (interacting with others through likes, comments and re-pins). Some of us go on it for the same reason we go on Facebook, because all our friends are ‘doing it’!

Check out the video below to hear how it works.

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Are you addicted to Pinterest? Can’t get enough of the recipes and perfect home decor pics? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Image source: wearesocialmedia.gr