Phone fashion: Best iPhone cases from high street to high-end

With a new season around the corner, it’s time to jazz up your phone with some new threads. So the O2 Gurus turned to queen of couture Poppy Dinsey for some phone fashion advice: 

Wherever you’re reading this, chances are your phone is within a safe 5 foot distance. Our mobiles have become extensions of ourselves and we’ve been accessorising with phone cases for longer than I care to remember (anyone else recall the Nokia 5110 with its GROUND BREAKING interchangeable covers?!). You can find pretty much anything on a phone case these days, from your own face to 24 carat gold.

With so much on offer, how do you find one that’s actually half decent? You let someone else do the hard work for you, obvs. Here are 10 of my fave iPhone cases across six micro-trends, covering everything from high street to high-end.

1. The Designer Roar – Kenzo vs Givenchy


(L) Kenzo Tiger iPhone Case – £30 | (R) Givenchy Rottweiler iPhone 5 Case – £55

While designer cases can be spendy, they’re certainly more affordable than the clothes themselves. A Kenzo sweatshirt with the famous tiger motif will set you back just under £200, but you can nab the phone case for £30 and wear a little bit of Kenzo everyday. Givenchy’s Rottweiler print has become infamous among the celeb elite (the jumper retails for an eye watering £600, FYI) – I have to admit I bought this iPhone case before even owning an iPhone. Yes, I really did upgrade my phone just so it could wear Givenchy. I KNOW THAT’S CRAZY, DON’T JUDGE ME.

2. Say It With Words – The Gossip vs The Diva


(L) SkinnyDip iPhone Case – £12 | (R) Juicy Couture iPhone Case – £35

If your phone is your main weapon in the world of gossipy chit chat (I know mine is) then this simple SkinnyDip case may be the one for you. Full on divas can go down the Paris & Nicole route with this summery Juicy Couture case – feel free to be ironic and take as many selfies as poss.

3. Junkfood Junkie – Fries vs Fabs


(L) Moschino Fries iPhone Case – £45 | (R) Paperhappy Lolly Case (most phone models available) – £16.80

This Moschino case might be the most talked about phone case of all time, not just because of what it looks like but because it was available to order immediately after its debut on the Milan Fashion Week catwalk. After all, fast food fans won’t wait six months to get their orders, why shouldn’t fashion be just as fast? For a more summery/less garish case look no further than Paperhappy’s homage to the humble Fab. You can even get the lolly stick personalised with your name!

4. Hot In Here – Ice Cream vs Ice Scream


(L) Moschino Ice Cream iPhone Case – £50 | (R) Paperhappy Ice Scream Case (most phone models available) – £16.80

I wish the Moschino Ice Cream case wasn’t this colour (ahem) but I do love the concept and it does make me crave a visit from the ice cream van. Horror fans might prefer something a bit darker, like this Ice Scream design from Paperhappy. Do you like scary movies?

5. Tea Break – Custard Cream vs Bourbon


(L) Crank Custard Cream iPhone Case – £15.50 | (R) Crank Bourbon iPhone Case – £15.50

It’s the battle of the biscuits! Which calorie-free treat will you choose for your handset? (Custard Creams, always always Custard Creams).

Will you be getting any of these designer cases or do you prefer to let your phone go au naturel? Let us know on Twitter by replying @O2 or leave us a comment in the box below. 

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