Mobile devices and managed mobility: wear next?

Are wearables the next big (or small) thing in business mobile? And what does that mean for managed mobility?

Wearables such as Google Glass, health-tracking wristbands and watch phones could be the next big step for consumerisation.

At the June Blue Door event, the discussion on managed mobility quickly turned to the future. Wearables caught the imagination of the delegates, as they reflected on the pace at which bring-your-own has gripped the workplace.

The session was hosted by Brendan O’Rourke, CIO for Telefónica UK.

He illustrated the speed of change by quoting the independent research company SINTEF. They say that 90% of all the digital data available to us today has been created since 2011.

That mind-boggling boom has been driven by content created on smartphones, tablets and social media.

Now it looks as though wearables are going to join the throng of devices jostling for connections.

And that’s where the managed mobility challenge comes in. Brendan shared his experience of introducing a bring-your-own-device policy for O2.

His view was that it makes sense to embrace the trend, rather than fight it.

Once people have tasted a better way of doing things, they just get frustrated with using outdated technologies at work. This affects productivity and can significantly impact motivation.

As one Blue Door delegate also pointed out, it’s a big factor for recruitment too. The best talent may choose to go with companies that are more flexible in their approach.

So where does this leave us with wearables? The question for Brendan was whether or not he thought wearables would have a big impact in the workplace.

His answer was that it was still too early to say. But he maintained that whatever happens, it won’t be the IT team that sets the pace.

User preferences are now dictating device strategy for big businesses. Which means that managed mobility policies and technologies will have to evolve even faster to give organisations the security and control they need.

There’s more on managed mobility from the Blue Door session in this report. Or call 01235 433 507 for a chat about your managed mobility needs.