How to take a screenshot on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

It might not sound like something you need to do very often, but being able to take a snap of what’s on the screen of your phone can be really useful. How else will you capture and keep an amazing text conversation, an unbelievably high score or an unfortunate tweet juxtaposition for future generations?

Happily, most phone makers have now made it really easy to take a screengrab – let the O2 Gurus show you how:


iPhone_sqiOS version: any
Devices: iPhone, iPad

  • Make sure the image you want is onscreen
  • Press the home button and the sleep/wake button together
  • You’ll find the resulting image in your Photo gallery

Bonus fact: This technique will take a screenshot even if your screen is locked!


htconem8_sqAndroid version: Android 4.0 or above
Devices: any Android phone or tablet running Android 4.0 or above (HTC One M8 pictured)

  • Make sure the image you want is onscreen
  • Press the volume down button and the power button together
  • You’ll find your screenshot in the Gallery or Photos apps

Bonus fact: If your phone or tablet is on an older version of Android and you can’t update it, you’ll need to download an app to take screenshots. There are plenty on the Google Play store.

Windows Phone

lumia930_sqWindows Phone version: Windows Phone 8 and above
Devices: Any phone running Windows Phone 8

  • Make sure you’re on the screen you want to grab
  • Press the power key and volume up at the same time
  • Find your screenshot in the Screenshots album in your Photo Hub

Bonus fact: You can use a very similar technique on a Windows 8 tablet, just press the Windows key and volume down.

Show us your funniest screengrabs by posting them in the comments below or replying to us on Twitter @O2. Let’s keep it SFW, you guys.

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