O2 Business brings 'Innovate Finance' launch to the masses

Last week Chancellor George Osborne delivered a speech at level 39, Canary Wharf, focussing on consumer financial services. More specifically he spoke about the future of this industry, which has become so closely interweaved with the fate of the UK economy. According to the chancellor, the key to the prosperity of this sector is the launch of a new industry body called ‘Innovate Finance’. O2 Business found itself at the heart of the launch, not only as one of the 50 founding members of the body, but also by live streaming the event to people who otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to be part of the event.

With the goal of making “the UK the FinTech [financial technology] capital of the world – as part of our long term economic plan to cement Britain’s position as the centre of global finance and global technology” ‘Innovate Finance’ is designed to accelerate development in digital financial services by UK firms, providing access to key players within the technology industry. Just like the chancellor we believe that FinTech represents a part of the future of the British economy, with companies like Yoyo, a current Wayra start-up, leading the field.

We are determined to foster technology as a means of creating ‘future proof’ growth, both through our own policies such as smarter working and by supporting digital start-ups through our Wayra initiative.

In the words of the chancellor, we are resolute in taking “major new steps to make sure the UK leads the world in developing these exciting technologies”.