The first apps you should download to a new phone

Getting to grips with a new phone is really fun, but how do you know which apps to download? The O2 Gurus have the low-down on the first apps you should seek out straight away.

For finding your way: Citymapper

citymapperYou’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without Citymapper. It makes finding the quickest route from A to B as simple as a single tap, and it lays out all your transport options on one screen so you can decide for yourself which is quickest and easiest. The app comes with real-time service and weather updates too, so you’ll never get lost or be late in London again.

Cost: Free
Platforms: iOS, Android, web

For keeping an eye on the weather: Dark Sky

darkskyUnlike other weather apps, Dark Sky tells you exactly when it’s going to rain and for how long in your exact location, right down to the minute. Notifications pop up on your home screen so you don’t even have to check the app to know when a storm’s about to hit, leaving you home and dry. On Android? Check out the very similar Arcus Weather.

Cost: £2.49
Platforms: iOS

For keeping up to date on blogs: Feedly

feedlyIf you find flicking between apps to check your favourite YouTube channels, blogs and Twitter feeds too much effort, Feedly is for you. The app pulls them all together into one simple feed that’s completely personal to you. If you read or watch something spectacular, then you can easily show if off by posting it to Facebook or Twitter from within the app.

Cost: Free
Platforms: iOS, Android

To soup up your photos: VSCO Cam

vscoWith a brand new phone, you’re bound to be using your camera 24/7. Use VSCO Cam to supercharge your photos – it comes with a huge range of editing tools including tweaking brightness, contrast, saturation, tints, sharpness, highlights, shadows, cropping and rotating photos and applying retro filters like those on Instagram. 

Cost: Free
Platforms: iOS, Android

For keeping up with Eastenders: BBC iPlayer

iplayerThe BBC’s iPlayer app is a godsend for anyone too busy to actually sit down and watch TV. You can stream classic BBC shows or catch up on what’s been broadcast in the past seven days – and if your commute takes you underground or in the air, you can even sync programmes to your phone to watch when you’re not online.

Cost: Free
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry

And don’t forget, there’s loads of O2 apps to help you live the good life – like getting exclusive offers, tickets and experiences, making phone calls and texts on more than just your phone, and managing your O2 account on the move. Find out more here.

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