A tale of two weeks' work experience

My two weeks of work experience at the Think Big Hub have been incredible! I have been so fortunate to be given this opportunity because it truly has been great. Since walking into the Hub on my first day I received such a warm welcome from the team and was excited to see what the next two weeks had in store for me.

During my first week I had got the chance to learn more about the Think Big programme and how it all works. What I enjoyed the most is seeing the enthusiasm each member of the Hub (or Hubbles as they are known) have for helping young people to create their projects as well as supporting them in developing their skills. I was able to sit through a few of the panels where decisions were made for the applicants to either be approved or declined. It was amazing to see the sheer number of projects that applied for the funding, from football tournaments to book clubs; all the creative ideas definitely influenced me to start a project of my own!

When I started my work experience, I was lucky enough to attend a workshop at the Hub called ‘Nail Your Interview’ with GoThinkBig. This certainly was one of the many highlights of the placement because I was able to get advice on how to ace interviews. I had the chance to identify my strengths and weaknesses by practicing mock interviews and understand how to really stand out from the crowd. Not only did I learn loads of interview tips but it also helped me gain a massive confidence boost by taking part in the different role play scenarios.

I loved how each day there was always something different to do and how the Hub attracted so many cool events to take place. NCS events, Festival of Code projects and GoThinkBig skill days are only a few to list but the Think Big Hub is most definitely a platform for people to come together and share ideas with one another. During my time here, I was given a range of tasks such as updating the database, organising the Hub for upcoming events, administrative work and manning the reception desk. There was never a moment where there was nothing to do which is another reason as to why it was such a great experience. I was even given the opportunity to travel to Leicester so I could meet the NYA team and was able to shadow a few colleagues to gain an insight to the work they do.

Overall, I have loved every minute of the placement and have learnt so much from it. Seeing the work ethic of the Hubbles has been amazing as their commitment in ensuring young people’s voices are heard is truly amazing. The team here at the Hub all have their unique personalities which made it even more enjoyable for me as the two weeks were full of fun and laughter and hard work of course! It has been an unforgettable experience and I would definitely recommend this opportunity!


Aysha Uddin – 17, Surrey

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