Reachable 2.0 with TU Go

Picture the scene: Your phone rings. You take it out of your pocket, see it’s your friend calling and answer it. As you chat, you notice that people nearby are looking at you like you’ve just performed some kind of witchcraft. You’re in a tube station. Your phone shouldn’t be working. What they don’t know is that you’ve got TU Go installed.

For the last year, TU Go has helped our customers use their O2 number to call and text in places where you’d never expect, via wifi – even using their tablets and laptops.

Now, following the app’s biggest update so far, using TU Go is even easier. We’ve listened to the 400,000 people who are already using the app, making the TU Go experience sleeker and smoother than ever and adding some new features:

* Threaded conversations and new conversation view: We’ve tidied up. Now, you can see all of your calls, messages and voicemails from a contact in one place.

* Switch on, switch off: Like wax on, wax off, but not really. In TU Go 2.0, you decide when it’s active with an easy-access on/off button. You can also see – at a glance – what kind of service quality you can expect from the wifi connection you’re using.

* Call Fallback Mode: A brand new feature in 2.0, Call Fallback Mode puts you even more in control. At the flick of a switch, you can tell the app to only receive calls via TU Go when there’s no signal available.

TU Go 2.0 is currently available for our Pay Monthly customers using iOS (5+), Android (2.3+) and Windows 7 for PC.

Not experienced TU Go yet? There’s never been a better time. To get it free – and for more info about it – head HERE.