Game Changer: The future of football tech

With the new Premier League season kicking off this weekend, the O2 Gurus take a look at what the future of  football tech could bring. 

Technology is already playing a huge role in international football, from goal line technology to the miracle of vanishing spray.  Let’s take a peek into how tech could affect the future of the game closer to home.

Instant replay

With so many cameras now recording all top games, using video replays to help referees seems like a sensible progression. It’s taken a while for the game’s leading bodies to permit goal line tech, but FIFA recently suggested that it might be open to the idea of managers using replays to challenge refereeing decisions, if only once or twice a game.

An end to the dive

Adidas f50 miCoach - O2 Gurus football tech

For an indication of the direction football boots are heading in look no further than the Adidas adiZero f50 boot. Complete with a miCoach Speed Cell it records statistics like distance covered and maximum speed, wirelessly transmitting the results for analysis.

Even football socks are set for a tech upgrade – taking a leaf out of the ski boot industry, it will soon be possible to thermoset socks to the 3D contour of a footballer’s foot. These high tech socks could mean the end of players diving, as they contain sensors that transmit data to referees to help them decide whether or not it was a legitimate fall.

Stat attack

Skin sensors or chips built into kits could soon be able to relay stats like speed, heart-rate and distance covered back to coaches even as a game is in progress. That information can then be used to inform on-pitch decisions and half time tactic talks. Some coaches, such as Atlético Madrid’s German Burgos, have already been seen using Google Glass to track live game statistics. 

It’s not just the players who are racking up stats – even the ball can gather data as the game goes on. Watch us get our studs into the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball to find out more:

The stadiums of the future

Lusail Iconic Stadium - O2 Gurus football tech

Despite the controversy surrounding the tournament, preparations for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar give us a good idea of the direction future stadiums will take. The Lusail Iconic Stadium (pictured above) will use solar-powered air-cooling systems to reduce the effects of the country’s high temperatures and provide electricity for surrounding houses. Other innovative ideas, such as artificial clouds, are also in development.

Your smartphone could also prove essential to the live football experience in the future too; apps will make games cashless and ticketless, and give you useful live information like how to get to your seats. Although Manchester United’s recent decision to ban tablets from their stadium suggests not everyone is ready to jump on the football tech bandwagon just yet.

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