5 quick phone hacks that will change your life

As amazing as smartphones are, one or two niggling little issues can make them seem teeth-grindingly frustrating to use. The O2 Gurus have five ways to make your life easier:

Sick of autocorrect changing ‘Yo’ to ‘To’? Set up text short-cuts

If autocorrect is driving you mad by trying to guess what you mean and constantly getting it wrong, then text shortcuts could be your saviour.

iPhone: Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add new shortcut

Android: Go to Settings > Keyboard and input > Personal dictionary
NB: If you’re using a custom keyboard like Swype, you’ll need to add your shortcuts to the app’s dictionary.

Windows Phone: Go to Settings > Keyboard > Typing Settings

Loose connections in your charging cable? Try a biro spring


Here’s one from the clever clogs over at Reddit: the connections coming loose in charging cables is a problem that particularly plagues iPhone users – prevent or cure the problem by using the spring from inside a click pen to hold the wires together. You can also use 1/4″ heat shrink tubes for a tidier finish.

Bubbly screen protector? Try scotch tape

Those annoying air pockets in your screen protector are caused by tiny bits of dust and debris either on your phone screen or the sticky side of the protector itself. Try putting the protector on your phone somewhere as dust-free as possible (like your bathroom shortly after a shower), and use a piece of scotch tape wrapped around your finger to clear any bits of dust or dirt off the sticky side before you apply it. Use a credit card with a piece of fabric over its edge to smooth the protector down.

Keep your phone clean in the kitchen with a ziplock bag

With so many great recipe apps out there, you’re going to want to have your phone by your side while you cook. But how to protect it from batter-coated fingers while still being able to swipe down for more instructions? Food bags are your friend – you’ll still be able to see and control the screen but your phone will stay nice and clean. Rhyming optional.

Need a last minute phone stand? Just use your plug


If you haven’t got a stand handy but you want to watch something on your phone, just grab your charger – unhook the wire and lie it on its back to use the plug as a makeshift stand. Seems obvious when you know.

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