Become part of the O2 Academy furniture

There’s a lot of history behind the O2 Academy venues. Take the O2 Apollo Manchester – The Who smashing up the stage in 1980, The Beatles spending four hours stuck in Manchester fog and arriving 12 minutes after they were due on, Johnny Marr climbing up the drainpipes to sneak into gigs.

Now it’s your turn to become part of the furniture in your favourite O2 Academy. We’re putting musical memory boards on the walls in some of our venues and we’ve left a space on each one for some lucky gig fans to get their’s put in. Have a look below to see if your nearest venue’s taking part and get involved – plus, we’ll chuck in some a pair of gig tickets for each one we pick.

All you need to do is tweet your memory to the venue and use the hashtag #O2AcademyMemories. We’ll pick a memory for each one and it’ll be put into the venue next month.

O2 ABC Glasgow:

What’s now O2 ABC Glasgow starts off in 1875 as a Diorama, a theatrical experience where the audience rotates on a turntable. Tweet your best memory to @O2ABC.

O2 Academy Newcastle:

It’s 2011. A band called Listen perform at the venue when it was The Majestic; its singer Robert Plant goes on to front Led Zeppelin. Tweet your best memory to @o2academynewc.

O2 Academy Birmingham:

2008 – the year Johnny Rotten rejoins the Sex Pistols for the first time in three decades, giving us our fastest-selling show with tickets snapped up in under 10 minutes. Tweet your best memory to @o2academybham.

O2 Academy Leeds:

One of the city’s most historic venues officially opens as the Coliseum in 1885 with an appearance by the Prince and Princess of Wales. Tweet your best memory to @O2AcademyLeeds.

O2 Academy Sheffield:

Back in 2011, the record for fastest selling show went to Kasabian whose tickets sell out in just under 9 minutes.  Fans queue up overnight for a chance to be at the intimate warm-up gig. Tweet your best memory to @O2AcademySheff.

O2 Academy Brixton:

Simon Parkes buys the venue for £1 and re-opens it as ‘Brixton Academy’ with a gig from Jamaican reggae outfit Eek-a-mouse. It’s 1983 and the first Academy music venue’s open. Tweet your best memory to @O2AcademyBrix.

O2 Academy Bournemouth:

Throughout the 1900s, the venue goes through a number of incarnations and names include the Boscombe Hippodrome, Royal Arcade Ballrooms, Tiffany’s and the Opera House. Tweet your best memory to @o2academybmouth.

O2 Academy Bristol:

The Jimi Hendrix Experience plays the Locarno Ballroom in 1967 before heading to the Heartbeat Club after hours. Tweet your best memory to @o2academybris.

Up for making some more O2 Academy memories? We’ve got tickets to thousands of gigs on sale before general release through O2 Priority.