Get connected to your customers

The retail industry has the lowest levels of employee connectivity of any industry in the UK – that’s according to a study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) into smarter working. The report indicated that retail managers believe they can increase sales by 40% and CSI by 14% if employees have access to robust in-store connectivity.

Equipping shop floor assistants with tablets for example, allows them to better serve the customer in real time. They won’t have to leave the customer unattended as they can instantly connect to stock systems to check prices and availability. Should they need further assistance they can use the device to signal other colleagues, again without leaving the customer’s side.

And it’s not just customer service that can be improved. The customer experience is more engaging and insightful when retailers use connectivity to underpin a range of digital solutions such as digital signage and interactive messaging – tools which can turn the shopping journey into a memorable experience.

Through Wayra, Telefonica’s start-up accelerator, retailers (including O2) have the opportunity to work with a range of new innovative companies that specialise in using digital technology to improve customer experience and operational efficiency. With connectivity as the foundation, stores can deploy digital solutions such as Qudini a virtual queue and appointment management system and Rotageek which manages dynamic mobile staff scheduling to ensure customer demand is met.

And it’s not just the customers that benefit from better connectivity. 100% of middle managers surveyed felt improved connectivity and access to the right tools would enable employees to reduce the time taken to complete post-meeting tasks, ultimately improving work/life balance and job satisfaction as well.

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