Don't hit snooze: the 5 best apps to get you out of bed in the morning

The long lazy days of summer are drawing to a close and it’s back to reality. After all those lie-ins, you might need a bit of help getting out of bed in the morning – and the O2 Gurus are here to help: 

To ease you out of bed: Sleep cycle

sleepcycleUsing the accelerometer in your phone (the part that knows when you turn it sideways), Sleep Cycle monitors your movements during sleep and gently wakes you during the lightest phase of your sleep nearest to your alarm time. The app also provides you with detailed stats so you can track your sleeping patterns.

Price: £0.69 (iOS), £0.99 (Android)
Platform: iOS and Android

Looks great on your bedside table: Wake Alarm

wakealarmWith its beautiful spin dial, Wake Alarm is one of the most elegant alarm clock apps around. It also uses your phone’s accelerometer – you have to either turn your phone over to shut the alarm up or shake it until it stops! What better way to instantly get the blood flowing for the new day? On Android? Check out Alarm Clock Extreme for something similar.

Price: £2.49
Platform: iOS

For those too sleepy to move: SpeakToSnooze Pro

speak2snoozeIf you’re one of those people who can’t even raise an arm in the morning, then SpeakToSnooze Pro is for you. The app is controlled by your voice, meaning you can ask for the time, tell it to snooze and, perhaps most importantly,  politely ask it to turn off on a Sunday. If you’re on Android, you can enjoy a similar voice control experience by using WakeVoice.

Price: £1.49 (currently free for a limited time)
Platform: iOS

For those who need to be told: Carrot

carrotOnce your alarm goes off, you won’t be able to turn it off until you complete the bizarre chores that Carrot sets you. If you don’t, the app will punish you, but do them well and it will reward you with anything from app upgrades to a collection of bedtime stories. If a strange laugh is enough to tempt you out from under the covers, then Carrot is your perfect wakeup call.

Price: £1.99 (iOS), Free (Android)
Platform: iOS and Android

For those who really can’t get up: Alarmy (Sleep if U Can)

alarmyLast chance saloon! Alarmy will only fail to wake you up if you’re capable of sleeping through a fire drill. The app works by asking you to chose a location away from your bed, like the kitchen, bathroom or living room, and until you’ve reached the designated room and taken a photo of an object in it, it simply won’t turn off!

Price: £1.49 (iOS), Free (Android)
Platform: iOS and Android

Do you use another app to get you up and at ’em in the mornings? Let us know what in the comments below or over on Twitter by replying @O2 with the hashtag #O2Guru. 

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