8 signs you're taking your phone for granted...

… and how to stop it

Imagine life without your phone. It seems bleak, doesn’t it?

You have probably been in a relationship with your phone now for a very long time.
It knows you well enough to guess what you’re trying to say on a night out, and you know it well enough not to overload it with Snapchat videos.

It’s practically faultless. However, nobody is perfect and there are times where you won’t always see eye-to-front-camera-lens, and chances are it’s when it’s you not pulling your weight.

Think you could be taking your phone for granted? See if you recognise any of these common signs…

1. You’re embarrassing

lkjbkjYour phone works so well so often that you forget it’s not magic.

What did you think was going to happen to your conversation as you descended into the depths of the underground?

As the call goes, your social awareness goes with it.

You try almost anything to get that call back. Arms in the air, phone upside down on your head, any trick you think might work… but you forget that people can see you.

Stop. Turn on your WiFi and get access to all your calls and texts without the gymnastics.


2. You’re repetitive

hdfjdngPhysically embarrassing might be just about bearable if it wasn’t coupled with Parrot Mode. Hello? Can you hear me? *puts phone on head* Hello? *shouts louder* Can you hear me?

Your phone has done nothing to deserve those weird looks shot your way. Stop embarrassing it in public.

Never suffer from phone-related public humiliation again.


3. You can’t keep your hands to yourself

fjflkngToo much touching is a turn off. All your button-pressing, Whatsapp-messaging and call-making puts pressure on your phone to the point where it refuses to accept any more of your take, take, take.


4. You’re clingy…

skkdkjdfgThanks to Ol’ Reliable (that’s what you’ve nicknamed your phone), you are able to respond to calls and texts as soon as you get them.

Your ‘reliability’ turns into addiction, and you have to assign regular Time Outs to give yourself space (these generally only last around five stressful minutes before you break out in a cold sweat and check your phone again).


5. … and paranoid

sksjdngssDuring that Time Out your mind ran away with itself and now you’re convinced everything interesting that would ever happen in the world happened in the last five minutes.

Chill out. Your phone is not, contrary to what you may believe, more important to you than the fingers on your left hand.


6. You don’t give it space

dalnlfYou’re on your long haul hol and you just know that something juicy is going down with your mates, so you can’t help but have the odd data roam or two.

God forbid you miss the drama from home!

If you’re chilling by the pool and using the hotel’s free WiFi, then get the goss for free. If you’re off gallivanting round famous European tourist spots, then all the calls, texts and data you need are just £1.99/day. Isn’t the internet amazing?


7. You expect too much

vjjtdhtdTake, take, take…

Your huge regular influx of messages can clog up your phone and cause stress for you both.

Which messages to delete and which to keep when you’ve filled up your inbox? Don’t add undue stress to your relationship and keep everything elsewhere.


8. You’re needy

lkdnfoihgGoing to work or chilling at the pub have somehow become a you-and-your-phone activity, and trust us, your boss and your bezzies have noticed.

You’ve changed.

Answer to calls and texts on other devices (even your laptop) and chat to your mates without your boss twigging. Shh, you didn’t hear that from us.


So you’ve seen the signs and you’ve seen the fix – are you ready to make the move to stop taking your phone for granted?