Big and beautiful: the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has one of the best screens in the business

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 means business. With a 5.7″ screen, a stylus and intelligent note-taking know-how, the O2 Gurus investigate how the smartphone will help you get the job done.

The screen is big, bright and ‘double HD’

Samsung’s given the Note 4 a WQHD screen: that means it displays four-times the number of pixels as standard HD, giving you a picture that is double the quality. As you’d expect from a Galaxy Note, the device verges on tablet territory, coming in at 5.7-inches; masses of room to edit documents on the go or watch films in your downtime.

It charges at lightning speed

With such a big screen and so many pixels to keep happy, it’s fair to say the battery’s got a lot to do to keep you up and running. Fast Charge should go some way to help – it charges your battery from 0 to 50% in just half an hour (usually it takes around one hour on comparative batteries).

You can literally jot things down on it

Note takers, rejoice: Samsung has improved the S Pen stylus again, giving it a more life-life touch and feel and better grip. Coupled with Snap Note, which lets you take photos of text and images and convert them into editable documents, it’s a pretty killer combination. What’s more, because the Note 4 runs Android 4.4, you’ll have easy access to the whole suite of Google apps and tools.

The camera is made for wide-angle selfies

Ever since Ellen’s Oscars selfie swept the internet, we’ve all been trying to top it in our own way – the Note 4 could hold the key, with its 3.7MP front-facing camera rocking a wide-angle lens so you can fit more people in than ever before. For more traditional snaps, the main camera has a 16MP sensor and comes with advanced digital zoom and image stabilisation for high quality snaps, while you can also record video in 4K quality.

And it makes crystal-clear calls

Sometimes you forget that smartphones started life as just plain old phones – if you can’t make decent calls with them, then something’s gone wrong. The Note 4 shouldn’t have that problem given that Samsung’s built three microphones into the hardware, which work together with the adaptive volume control to cancel out background noise when you’re on the phone and leave both callers’ voices at a comfortable level.

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