Everything you need to know about the Nokia Lumia 735

The brand new Nokia Lumia 735 has been finely tuned to cater to your photographical, navigational and social needs. Here the O2 Gurus guide you through five of the new phone’s best features.

1. Its screen will work whatever the weather

The handsome new Lumia is kitted out with one of the best screens around. It’s not only impressively clear and bright so it can be read in bright sunlight, but you can also swipe and tap around it while wearing gloves. That means it’s as easy to read the latest bestseller on the beach as it is to send texts during deepest darkest winter.

2. The camera is perfect for selfies

The Lumia 735 will be an instant favourite among selfie addicts and video calling aficionados. Its front-facing camera comes with a wide angle lens so it can capture more of your surroundings when making video calls or taking photos of yourself with friends/pretty landscapes/annoyed celebrities.

3. You get all the wonderful benefits of Windows Phone 8.1

We’re big fans of Windows Phone 8.1. There’s Live Tiles on your desktop for keeping up to date with your favourite people and websites in real time, a nifty Word Flow keyboard for speedy, simple typing, plus all the Microsoft regulars, including Office, Xbox Games, Skype and 15GB of free cloud storage.

4. Enjoy the perks of an on-the-go PA

The Lumia 735 gives you the chance to meet Cortana, your dedicated, voice controlled personal assistant which can help you out with (almost) anything. She’ll manage your calendar, keep you up to date with goings on in your social life, and give you easy instructions to help you get from A to B. Which means lots of spare time for taking more selfies.

5. It can be charged wirelessly

One of the most exciting aspects of the Lumia 735 is the fact that you can charge it wirelessly. Simply place the phone on to the charging station that comes with it, and electromagnets (science!) will help re-boost your battery supply. You still need to plug the station in to mains, but it means no more fiddling around to get the USB connector in correctly.

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