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  • Our Social Insights tool gets a makeover, making it even easier for SMBs to maximise their presence in social media
  • Win £1,000 of Twitter Advertising credit, just by using social media for your business.

Almost a year ago, we partnered up with Twitter UK to create O2 Social Insights. It’s a tool which enables small and medium-sized businesses to be on the top of their game when it comes to managing their social presence.

Since then, thousands of businesses have signed up, and we’ve helped them to grow their business by making sure they’re talking to their customers in social and, most importantly, that they’re doing it the right way. To ensure they make a splash in social, we’ve even been giving users £50 of Twitter Advertising credits when they sign up.

It’s been amazing to watch how we can help local businesses grow, and now it’s about to get even better. Social Insights is getting some upgrades.

From today, the new souped-up Social Insights will be even more effective in making sure your small business is not small in social:

  • A new and improved dashboard, making it even easier to track your successes and see how to improve even more. Plus, see a detailed analysis of your performance over the last seven days.
  • Link up with LinkedIn: use Social Insights to see exactly how effective your company’s LinkedIn page is. As with other social media platforms, we’ll give you tips to make sure you stand out from the crowd.
  • A refreshing change: A new look and feel will ensure that you’re getting the most from O2 Social Insights. It’ll be easier to see where you are in the social league and what the top businesses in the league are doing to get there. Plus, the Social Toolkit will be even easier to use, giving you faster, clearer access to the very best information available – right at your fingertips, all of the time.

To celebrate the launch of the new and improved O2 Social Insights, we were thinking of doing a little dance, but that just wasn’t quite… big enough. So, we’re giving away £5,000 worth of Twitter advertising instead. Fancy a slice? Read on…

From 29 September 2014, we’ll be giving away £1,000 of Twitter Ad credits per day to the top performing SMBs who are using Social Insights. Using our very clever algorithm, we’ll work out who’s doing the best when it comes to Influence and Outreach (Take a look HERE to see more about these benchmarks). The scores will be calculated daily, so you’ll have a fresh chance to win every day – and as much chance of winning as anyone else.

If you’ve got a small business, you’re already in the running. Just make sure you’re signed up to O2 Social Insights (if you’re not already signed up, you’ll definitely be a winner because we’ll give you £50 of credits just for joining). Once you’ve done that, just keep an eye on our tweets from @O2BusinessUK for more details about the competition as it gets closer.