Eight reasons to visit France

Ooh la la! France was recently named the most popular tourist destination with 84.7 million visitors in the last year, according to the UN World Tourism Organisation.

We’ve picked our top eight reasons why France is the best place to visit in the world:

1. Cheese

You can’t talk about France without a homage to fromage. Whether it’s a Brie, Comte or Camembert, the French know their cheeses. Obviously none of their stuff comes close to our Red Leicester, but bless them, they try their best.

2. Wine

France produces between 50 and 60 million hectolitres of the stuff each year. We had to google it too, it means 100 litres. From Champagne to Chardonnay, they love a tipple. And probably a few hangovers too.

3. Romance

Paris is the city of love. Over 100 people a year get married in the Eiffel tower and countless more propose there. For those wanting something different, why not push the boat out and head to Provence? It’s certainly a little less cliché.

4. Skiing

This most middle class of pursuits has been perfected by the French. Whether it’s Courchevel, Chamonix or Val D’Isere, you’re almost guaranteed perfect powder, although our favourite activity is definitely the après-ski!

5. Cinema

This is the country that gave us Amelie and La Vie en Rose as well as directors such as Francois Truffaut and Luc Besson. For celeb spotting, head to the Cannes film festival, which takes place around May each year.

6. Food

The French are world renowned for their cuisine. Any country that invented Michelin stars and croissants is good by us. We’ll just pretend that frogs’ legs and snails never happened.

7. Fashion

Pretty much everyone in France looks cool. Not surprising when you live in a country that gave birth to Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, and Yves Saint-Laurent.

8. Beaches

Grab your seau et pelle (that’s your bucket and spade) and check out the French coastline. From wind surfing at Plage de l’Almanarre to chilling with the stars in Monte Carlo there really is a beach for everyone.


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