5 people we miss from the Barclays Premier League

With the Barclays Premier League season well underway, we thought we’d take a look at some of the people that made last season one of the best in years.

Each of these guys brought something a little bit special to arguably the most exciting league in the world. Can anyone match them this year? Only time will tell.


Vincent Tan

Where do we begin with Cardiff’s public enemy no.1? Changing the colour of the Bluebird’s kit to red was a good introduction to a tenure which quickly descended into infamy. From questioning David Marshall’s goal scoring record to replacing well respected head of recruitment Iain Moody with a close family friend, Tan’s time in the Premier League was a comedy of errors. The final straw came with the sacking of Malky Mackay, a move which may mean we’re waiting a long time for Vinnie’s return to the top of English football.


David Moyes

This is a slightly sentimental one,but after what can only be described as a train wreck of a season with United it’s a little strange not to see the Scot patrolling the touchline of a Premier League club for the first time in twelve years. Like him or loathe him you have to feel at least a little sorry for a man who’s given the heave-ho from a club after only ten months. Rumours of Dave’s next appointment have been rife, but with no definite news on the horizon we may well be waiting a while to see a return to grace.


Tim Sherwood

Let’s be honest, we all enjoyed Tim’s antics last season. That is, of course, unless you’re a Spurs fan. From brutally frank interviews to one of the most cringe-worthy military inspired goal celebrations, Sherwood certainly didn’t shy away from the limelight. The highlight of his brief stint has to be bringing a Spurs fan into the hot seat at Villa Park before presenting him with the infamous gilet for full effect. There’s no one else quite like Tim, and we eagerly await his return…


Luis Suarez

The departure of the Premier League’s top striker was always going to leave a bite-sized chunk out of our weekends. In his four years at Liverpool Suarez become somewhat of a pantomime villain to fans of every other club in the league, whether it was his diving, alleged racism or appetite. With his world-class level of talent we really will miss the man that everyone loved to hate. Except Everton fans. Or United fans. Or every single referee in the league. In fact thinking about it there wasn’t really that much love there. Poor chap.


Michael Jackson

The king of pop’s reign at Craven Cottage was brought to a cruel end last year as new Fulham chairman Shahid Khan gave him his final moonwalking orders. The eerie statue of Jackson was unveiled back in 2011 to wholeheartedly positive feedback from fans (according to .Mohammed Al-Fayed). The removal of the statue last year marked Fulham’s relegation from the Premier League, a fact Al-Fayed was only too keen to highlight to the world. Could the statue hold the key to Fulham’s drop to the Championship? We think it may have had more to do with the managerial merry-go-round.


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