Our top five European languages

It’s the European Day of Languages today (yes, it’s actually a thing) so to celebrate, we’ve picked out our top five European languages.

Strangest sounding:  Hungarian. While Hungary boasts more than 1000-year long history, and one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities in Budapest, the language is a bit odd. For example, ‘Hogy Vagy’ means ‘how are you?’ A bit confused to be honest…

Sexiest: Irish. Ok, so it’s technically the English language but the Irish accent was voted sexiest in the world this year, and it’s not hard to see why when you’ve got the likes of Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender and the girl that plays Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter as ambassadors.

Hardest to learn: Finnish. Known for its beautiful forests, lakes, mountains and Mika Häkkinen, Finland is simply a beaut of a place, which is more than can be said about its language. Try getting your head round the 15 different cases they have for nouns to start off with. Tricky!

Most assertive: German. In a place where the word for “sex” requires five syllables and is more intimidating than inviting, the German language is certainly one of the most ‘impactful’ in the world. We’ll forgive them since they pretty much invented beer.

Most unique: The Silbo language of La Gomera on the coast of Spain may be one of the most unique languages out there, as it’s made up of different types and pitches of whistling. Sounds lovely but it can cause chaos at the local raves.

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