Celebrating National Inclusion Week

Skin colour. Sexual orientation. Disability. Age. Religion. What difference does it make? As an inclusive employer, we’re proud to support National Inclusion Week this week. 

Did you know…

  • Companies with a strong approach to Diversity and Inclusion typically have a level of employee engagement that is three times higher than those that don’t.
  • One in eight of us have care responsibilities – that’s nearly seven million people!
  • 14% of the UK population are from ethnic minority groups, and by 2050 this group could account for almost a third of Britain’s population.
  • More than 14 million people in the UK can be termed ‘digitally excluded’.
  • In the UK, approximately 9 million disabled people are of working age.
  • The overall number of women who are on the ‘Board’ in the UK’s most successful companies is rising, but the number of women being promoted to executive roles has hardly changed.  Today, one in 20 executives in the FTSE 100 is female.
  • Around 7-10% of the population identify as either L, G or B.

Want to know more?

Visit: www.nationalinclusionweek.co.uk

Visit: http://mytelefonica.intranet.telefonica/HR-UK/hranswers/DiversityInclusion/Pages/default.aspx

You can also follow the discussion on Twitter by using @NationalIncWeek #NIW2014 or #NationalInclusionWeek