O2 Tracks Review - Jessie J, Sweet Talker

Jessie J calls on her pop pals for the release of her new album, Sweet Talker, which features on the O2 Tracks Centre Stage this week. We’ve pulled together a few of our favourites to get you started.

The album hits the ground running with Ain’t Been Done, with the Brit School beauty setting the scene with the opening line ‘You know me, I’m a superstar’. It’s a track reminiscent of that stonker of a tune Do It Like A Dude, full of attitude and a catchy chorus.

Second single Burnin’ up (featuring 2 Chainz) starts by bringing out some of Jessie’s softer side, with a bit of sexy 80s guitar work before switching tempo with a few slick hand claps, sirens and punchy lyrics.

If you’re after a look to the sky, arms out wide, sing at the top of your lungs kind of tune, check out Said Too Much, a soulful and full-to-the-brim track with big notes. Or try the album’s namesake Sweet Talker, which is full of statement Jessie vocals against a soft piano riff.

Girl power manifests itself in the form of standout tracks Loud and UK no.1 hit single Bang Bang. Lindsay Stirling on the former, and Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj on the latter join Jessie in delivering two fist-clenchingly powerful tracks that are at completely different ends of the dance-ability scale. But equally awesome.

With high-end R&B production and guest features from hip-hop’s hottest artists, coupled with a permanent move to LA, Jessie’s got her sights on stateside success with her new record. By the sound of things, we reckon she’s in with a good chance. So check out the track listing below and get listening!

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  1. Ain’t Been Done
  2. Burnin’ Up
  3. Sweet Talker
  4. Bang Bang (feat. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj)
  5. Fire
  6. Personal
  7. Masterpiece
  8. Seal Me With a Kiss (feat. De La Soul)
  9. Said Too Much
  10. Loud (feat. Lindsey Stirling)
  11. Keep Us Together
  12. Get Away
  13. Your Loss I’m Found
  14. Strip
  15. You Don’t Really Know Me