Get Possessed. A night of fright powered by smart tech.

Halloween is just around the corner. And with the witching hour almost upon us, we’ve decided to create an experience like no other – a haunted house possessed by smart technology.

The #O2possessed house is open on 29 October, and if you’re didn’t manage to win tickets, don’t despair – you’ll be able to watch the action via a live scream from 1pm Wednesday on O2 Guru TV. Sorry – live sTream on our YouTube channel.

Keep an eye on The Blue, Facebook and Twitter for tips and tools to scare your friends with smart tech this Halloween, as well as updates from the live house.

Congratulations to our social media competition winners:

  1. Jamie O’Connor
  2. Marnie RVL
  3. Keeley Witham

As with all our competitions, there are terms & conditions. If you want, you can read them HERE.  Also, please note – to enter you must be 18+ and not suffer from epilepsy. Sadly, the house is also unsuitable for wheelchair users. If you’re a winner, we’ll film you in the house and use the footage to make some promotional material – make no bones about it. The winner will need to come to London for 7pm on 29th October.

* We’ll cover the cost of our winners’ travel to London, up to the value of £100.