O2 Tracks Review - Ella Henderson, Chapter One

Following her no.1 success in the album charts we’re featuring Ella Henderson’s debut Chapter One on the O2 Tracks Centre Stage this week. Read on for a review of our favourites from the record.

The album kicks off with the chart-topping Ghost, co-written with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, and shows off the X Factor starlet’s incredible vocal range along with a seriously catchy chorus. No surprise that it’s one of the fastest selling songs this year.

Ella continues to showcase her killer vocal talents on Empire, a true power ballad with delicate verses building to a beast of a chorus. Our pick of the album.

We get an insight into Ella’s love life in the Motown-sounding Mirror Man. With its soft guitar riffs and punchy vocals, it tells the story of a vain ex-boyfriend. The First Time continues the theme, this time about a boy who replaced Ella with a lookalike. Not one for feeling sorry for herself, she oozes confidence and independence on both tracks showing real character at such a young age.

Chapter One ends where Ella began, with Missed, her audition track for the X Factor in 2012. With deliciously strong vocals against a soft piano accompaniment, we’re reminded that there’s something very special about this girl that sets her apart from other singers.

After the release of Ghosts and Glow, we had high hopes for the young Brit’s debut album. She doesn’t disappoint. Chapter One is a record full of sass, soul and soaring ballads you won’t want to miss. Check out the track list below and get listening.

  1. Ghost
  2. Empire
  3. Glow
  4. Yours
  5. Mirror Man
  6. Hard Work
  7. Pieces
  8. The First Time
  9. All Again
  10. Give Your Heart Away
  11. Rockets
  12. Lay Down
  13. Missed

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