Our top five European Halloween traditions

We love Halloween and so do our European neighbours, although they like to do things a little bit differently. Here’s our top five frightful traditions from the continent.

Germany: Germans are extremely superstitious and hide all knives away for Halloween so they don’t accidently injure any spirits. Although they are the safest nation at this time of year, they won’t win any prizes for their pumpkin carving abilities.

Italy: Italians celebrate with a feast, which includes cakes called Beans of the Dead, which they leave in their unlocked homes for spirits to enjoy while they go to church. If the food is still there when they return it’s seen as bad luck. The same can’t be said for their TVs, iPads and computers.

Spain: These folks like to get in on the creepy cakes theme too, with the Bones of the Holy or Huesos De Santos. They wash these down with a strong alcoholic drink, Quemada, prepared in a pumpkin whilst reciting a spell. You certainly wouldn’t get that in Hogwarts.

Czech Republic: Halloween is traditionally a family time for Czechs, as they sit around the fireplace, with chairs set out for all their dead relatives ready to catch up on all the goss from ‘the other side’. These are popular events in the calendar with people dying to get in on the action.

Romania: To celebrate Dracula’s birthplace, actors pop up all over towns as the Count to be snapped “biting” people’s necks. The locals can also be seen brandishing garlic to protect them from ghosts on St Andrew’s Night (30). Probably not the best night to go on the pull.

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