#O2POSSESSED - Lifting the lid

This week, we’ve had some fun (maybe a little too much fun) watching people scared half to death as they walked through our haunted house. Rylan was especially fun to watch.

Ours wasn’t just any old haunted house, though – ours was special. Ours was powered completely by technology that you can pick up in an O2 store. Clever, eh?

Now the thrills and spills are all done, it’s time to lift the sheet from our Halloween ghost and reveal how we created our scares. Check out our video below which shows our O2 Gurus setting up the haunted gadget house, along with the results:

Mood lighting
The key to any good scare is to get the lighting just right. We used Philips Hue bulbs, which connect to a central hub linked to your wifi network, allowing you to control each bulb individually, or in groups. Controlled by a Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone, Hue set pulses racing in our haunted house. Check out our O2 Guru video HERE.

Hijacking a TV is fun at any time, but even more so when you’re scaring the wits out of someone in the process. We used a Samsung Galaxy Tab S to make a Samsung TV to do our bidding, via Samsung Link. The result was pretty effective – take a look HERE to see it in action.

What was that noise?
Put quite simply, that noise was technology at work. We linked a Samsung Galaxy Alpha to Samsung Bluetooth speakers and blasted our victims with some rather terrifying noises. It’s always better when they least expect it. *evil laugh* Ahem, anyway – take a look HERE to see (and hear) what happened.

Never skip a beat
Finally, we kept tabs on our victims’ scare levels by strapping a Samsung Gear S on to each of them. We took a peek at their heart rate before they went into the house, and again when they came out. Click HERE to see more.

Each gadget we used was perfect for creating a scarefest in our house, but it’s equally perfect for every day use in yours – pick up some smart tech in our online shop and see for yourself.