Never be without your mobile again

By William Buller Managed Mobility Consultant at Telefónica UK

Calls, texts and social media. In this age of ubiquitous connectivity most of us feel anxious if we forget our mobile when we leave the house. And as smartphone sales continue to grow the percentage of time people use them for social media also grows. 100% of Snapchat activity is done using a smartphone, Vine 99%, Instagram 98%, Pinterest 92%, Twitter 86% and Facebook 68%.*

However forgetting your phone could soon be a thing of the past. Wearable technologies such as Motorola Moto, Samsung Gear, the new Microsoft Band and the upcoming Apple iWatch all offer us the promise of connecting via devices that we won’t leave behind. Indeed these devices with their ability to monitor our physical as well as social activity will become even more essential to our lives.

Dave Eggers in his book “The Circle” describes a dystopian future of constant connectivity and visibility, in which people wear cameras that capture their every action 24hrs a day. “Going Transparent” sounds scary but for some it could be just an extension of the reality TV world that we find so fascinating.  And the potential benefits to businesses and individuals are definitely reality not fantasy.

Police forces have seen that the use of body worn video has the potential to protect both officers and the public. Tesco have supplied smart wristbands that track goods, assign tasks and forecast completion times. And BP have provided free Fitbit trackers to record and enhance employee health. Wearables are already in the workplace and I fully expect corporate use to exceed that of consumer adoption in the early stages of this new kind of tech.

In a study O2 did with CEBR we found that the UK economy could be boosted by £30bn in productivity if everyone was better connected. Connected not just at home and their office but with their customers and on the move. In this way people were able to save time, travel more efficiently and get their work completed faster. Always-on connectivity is a boon to most people and most organisations. The risk of burnout is real but is not solved by ignoring technology.

The future is greater connectivity.  The future is smaller and less intrusive devices.  The future is wearable.

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*According to Statista (Dec 2013)